Scope of the Fair l İstanbul Stationery Office 2024

Stationery and School Supplies
Paper and Paper Supplies
Student Tools and Equipments
Pre-school and Nursery School Supplies
Educational Publishings
School Bags
Textile Consumer Goods
Office Supplies
Office Desktop and File Supplies
Office Machines
Office Consumables
Laminating ve Binding Machines
Stamp and Stamp Machines
Calculator Machines
Labeling Machines
White Boards and Meeting Presentation Products
Office and Travel Bags
Writing Materials
Writing Materials
Writing Accessories
Painting and Drawing Materials

Hobby Materials and Gift Products
Hobby and Artistic Materials
Hobby and Art Books
Hobby and Artistic Paints
Gift Products
Promotion Products
Licensed Supplies
Licensed Stationery
Licensed Bags
Board Games
Packaging and Packaging Supplies
Display Stands and Shelves
Work Safety Consumer Products